Population Nearing 8 Billion ()

Suffering the Heat ()

Top Gun: Top at Box Office ()

Thailand Legalizes Marijuana ()

Ikea Offers Help with Names ()

Coffee Drinkers May Live Longer ()

Mona Lisa Attack ()

Would-be Assassin Fully Free ()

Rock Paper Scissors Championship ()

Cats Recognize Names ()

Megadrought and Murder ()

Focus Help at Cafe ()

Tough Choice in French Election ()

Exercise Aids Depression ()

Oscars to Remember ()

Google Cable to Africa ()

Shackleton Ship Found ()

War in Europe ()

Brazilian Umbrella Service Spreads ()

New Indonesian Capital Has Name ()

Female Monkey Takes Top Spot ()

Man Gets Pig Heart ()

Fish Fall From Sky ()

Smoking Ban in New Zealand ()

Migrants Die at Sea ()

Babies Swapped at Fertilization ()

Christchurch Wizard Let Go ()

Capone Belongings Sold ()

Coronavirus Restrictions Ending ()

Woolly Mammoths to Return ()

Gaming Time Limit for Chinese Kids ()

US Leaves Afghanistan ()

Better Protection for Animals in South Korea ()

American Population Changing ()

Skateboarding Makes its Olympic Debut ()

Woman Found Guilty in London Jewelry Robbery ()